Strengths Source: StrengthsFinder 2.0 - Gallup

About Me

  • Major: Managerial & Organizational Communication

  • Interests: Rock climbing, hiking, coffee, and cooking

  • Strengths:

    • Input - As a sponge for words, quotes, and stories, I love surrounding myself with stimulating concepts and people. Naturally, I love splashing it back on to people who also appreciate random knowledge. When it comes to leadership, this strength allows me to dial in specific topics and understand even the finer details. I ask meaningful questions because I care about conveying truth.

    • Woo - This strength is about “winning others over.” I love the transformation from stranger to friend, especially in unexpected scenarios. I build trust by making people feel seen and heard. 

    • Positivity - Positivity is so much more than blissful ignorance or seeing a silver lining. Positivity is recognizing challenge, yet persevering with hope. In relationships and leadership, this positivity brings people forward. If used correctly with empathy, people recognize that you care.